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The Movement of Belgian Former Muslims aims to open up the discussion about Islam in Belgium amongst a broad spectrum of the population, and to engage in dialogue with Muslims;

We also want to propose concrete action to counter the insidious march of Islamisation in Belgium and to defend the interests of Former Muslims.

The principles we advocate and adhere to are those established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR).

We propose the following key action points for the consideration of the Belgian Government and its administrations:

Background : Former Muslims and critics of Islam in Western countries are threatened with physical violence by Muslims. We want Former Muslims to feel free to state publicly, without endangering their life and general safety and well-being, that they are apostates from Islam and explain the reasons why they decided upon this course, even though this may entail criticism of the Quran, the Hadith, and Muhammed, the Prophet of Islam. The Movement of Belgian Former Muslims does not promote insulting or tendentious discourse but expresses the opinion that Islam needs to be treated without special distinction and in the same way as all other religions. Given that certain Muslims react aggressively to criticisms or derision against Islam, resorting to either verbal or physical abuse, the sensitivities of Muslims are being taken all too seriously. By this special attention, one encourages the further perpetuation of violent conduct.
Background: The Movement of Belgian Former Muslims wants to guarantee the freedoms of Belgian society for all residents on the Belgian territory and under Belgian jurisdiction. The Principles we advocate and adhere to are those established in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Marriages contracted in Islamic countries do not accord with these principles, and hence we express our wish that the Belgian administration cease to officially acknowledge the legitimacy of such marriages.
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Background:  Given the fact that according to the Shari’ah apostasy from Islam is punishable by death, Former Muslims in Muslim countries are placed under severe pressure, both from their family members and from the Islamic state; this irrespective of whether or not the death penalty is explicitly stated in the country’s Penal Code. In general, it is accepted that individuals who openly proclaim their apostasy from Islam are looking for trouble. “They should keep their mouths shut.”
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