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We are a group of concerned former muslims who are of the opinion that Islamic ideology is a danger to our democratic Belgian society, and that at the same time it prevents Muslims from integrating into mainstream society.

On this site, you will discover why this is our opinion.

We have diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds and are of the opinion that it should NOT be a problem for people of different races and backgrounds to live together in harmony.

We believe in the fundamental good nature of all people, regardless of race, sex, religion, colour, appearance …

We believe that Muslims are people like anyone else, who wish to build their lives and want to live in peace with others.

We agree that the more faithfully a Muslim applies Islamic principles, the harder it becomes to live together with non-Muslims.

We believe that the problems experienced by Muslims stem not from “following Islam too little” but from “following the Quran and the example of their Prophet too much”.

We hold that the periods when Islamic empires flourished (from the 8th to the 13th century AD) were only made possible by free thinking, by the allowing of free criticism even of Islam, the Quran and Muhammad, and by a great level of respect for non-Muslims. This period came to an end due to stricter application of the “real Islam” from the era of Muhammad, when Muslims held dominion over non-Muslims and moderate or critical Muslims were persecuted or killed.

We believe that a multicultural society can be manageable and enriching, on condition that only the good characteristics of newly arriving cultures are accepted and that attitudes that amount to a violation of the human rights and the dignity of the individual are clearly rejected. We believe that it is the Government’s task to establish a legal framework to attain a workable multicultural society.

We believe that Islam, as represented in the primary source-texts, prevents the Muslim community from reaching their full potential and from living in harmony with non-Muslim citizens.

This is visible from the fact that Islamic countries, including those with ancient civilizations, are lagging behind in intellectual development and general well-being compared to the rest of the world, as well as the fact that Muslims in countries or territories with a majority of non-Muslim citizens find it difficult to live in harmony with their neighbours.

It can also be seen in the fact that non-Muslims in countries with a Muslim majority are being discriminated against or persecuted because of elements in Islamic law.

We want to liberate Muslims from Islam by telling the naked truth. It is the truth that is written in the primary Islamic source-texts, and which is hidden, distorted or simply not known by those in Belgium who defend Islam.

We believe in non-violence, both in the physical and psychological sense. We’re merely asking for the right to make it known how Islam is interpreted by the Muslim scholars themselves.

We stick to hard facts, taken from books that are written by Muslims for Muslims. We want Muslims to look in a mirror. In that mirror, Islam is reflected.

We believe that free criticism of Islam, like that of other religions or ideologies, should be possible and should not be equated with hate-mongering against Muslims.

Our texts and opinions are based on those Islamic primary source texts that Muslims consider authoritative. Our premise is the observation that most Muslims are unaware of the unpleasant aspects of Islam in general, and of its founder Muhammad in particular.