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This page illustrates how indignant a Muslim gets when non-Muslims or ex-Muslims express themselves critically about Islam. When Muslims say the identical things, in agreement with them, nobody reacts.
Ex-Muslims are especially indignant about the genocide instigated by Muhammad against the Bani Qurayza. These ex-Muslims are evil people, racists, Islamophobes, and accused of all sorts of other undesirable traits. Muslims that say this preventive genocide was justified will never be taken to account for this.
We also mention the following topics:
- pronouncement by Pope Benedict that Islam is not grounded in reason;
reference by Pope Benedict is to someone who states that Islam is based on violence and the proclamation by an Imam that Muhammad resorted to violence to spread his message since he didn’t succeed in a peaceful way.
Stoning as punishment for adultery

CGKR: Chain letter with graphic visuals: A stoning filmed with GSM

Content of the chain letter : This concerns a chain letter with, as an attachment, an amateur film clip that shows a woman kicked and beaten until she is killed with a large stone thrown at her head. The images are shocking and appear genuine (on a market square, the woman is surrounded by a mob of bystanders). The chain letter also mentions Koran verses and the writer claims that stoning is permissible as it is ordered by Allah (La lapidation est une tradition et un ordre d’Allah, le Tout Miséricordieux, le Très Miséricordieux.). These quoted verses from the Koran can only reinforce the image and perception of the (barbaric) Muslim.
We have passed on this clip to the Computer Specialists of the Federal Police (FCCU). Should you receive it, we advise you to pass it on to the police via this website
www.e-cops.be (you can lodge your complaint anonymously.)
What does the sender of this (gruesome) chain letter hope to achieve with this pyramid mail?
This letter does not mention sources for the Koran quotes. Hence, it is impossible to determine what actual source was consulted by this sender to ferret out the (translated) extracts from the Koran. The Koran makes no explicit reference to stoning as a possible punishment for adultery or some other misdeed (crime) (which is also the case in the Old Testament and the Talmud, but rejected in the New Testament). As such, we may assume that it is the sender’s explicit aim to blame the Islamic faith for this barbaric deed. By drawing a correlation between the precepts of the Koran and these kinds of brutally cruel acts, the sender wishes via this e-mail, void of any comment, to inflict damage upon the Muslim community. If it is, de facto, correct that these repulsive acts of torture are still being common practice in certain countries, their origin needs to be sought in the fanaticism of extremist groups that (mis)use religion to foster a new ‘moral’ order within our societies. It is for that reason that we call upon everyone receiving this film clip not to send it on as is customarily done with this so-called chain or pyramid mail. We further suggest that receipt of this kind of mail be reported to the Federal Police, which may decide to try to uncover the originator of this item. You can do so readily by completing the pre-printed form found on this website www.e-cops.be


What only Muslims are allowed to say